HOMCorp believe in delivering excellence at every step of the non-ferrous metal trade. We maintain close relationships with our Worldwide contacts who are prime participants in the non-ferrous metal industry. We are actively Involved in trading and are backed by prestigious ring members brokers and producers. HOMCorp has a strong financial capability and flexibility to offer attractive pricing to both customers that require one-off trades and for those that require a steady dependable relationship for the longer term.

HOMCorp acts as a principal trader and has developed many long term relationships with buyers of metals around the World. Our experienced and dedicated staff can cater to all your metal needs. At HOMCorp we are committed to exceeding your requirements with a First Class services and professional after sales care. Our excellent relations with banks, insurance companies and shipping companies enable us to offer you the most competitive prices for all LME Traded metals from any of their warehouses as well as non-LME metals directly from producers or our stocks.

Metals Traded


  • All grades of LME Registered brands from various warehouses around the World.
  • Aluminium wire rods of 9.5mm diameter in Coils.
  • Aluminium Alloy 6063 Billets.
  • Remelted Ingots & Sows 99% purity
  • Other alloys of Aluminium tailor made as per your requirements.


  • LME Registered Copper Cathodes having 99.99% purity.
  • Non-LME Registered Copper Cathodes or Plated.
  • 8 mm LME Registered Copper Wire Rods 99.99% purity (CWR).
  • Copper Remelted Ignots of various purities.


  • Standard LME Registered Lead Ingots having minimum 99.97% purity.
  • Refined Unregistered Lead Ignots having 99.985 from smelters.
  • Remelted Lead. Ingots also custom alloys with Arsenic, Calcium, Selenium etc for Battery Manufacturing.


  • Special high-grade zinc of 99.995% purity (minimum) LME registered.
  • 99.98% High Grade zinc from Middle East.


  • Primary Nickel and conform to one of the following Standards:
  • i) ASTM specification B39-79 (2013) – min 99.80% purity.
  • ii) GB/T 6516-2010 – Ni9990 grade, Cathodes (full plate and cut), pellets, briquettes.


  • Tin of 99.85% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 610:1996 LME Registered Ingots shape.

New Metals Traded

  • Gold
  • Silver

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