HOMCorp Investments Limited (“HOMCorp”) was established in 2016 in the Republic of Ireland as a result of the United Kingdom’s European Union Membership Referendum result. The management team and affiliations commenced operating in the 1960’s.

HOMCorp is the holding company of all HOM subsidiaries. HOMCorp Investments Limited is an independent Holding Management Company, dealing with Qualified Institutional Investors (QII) & High Net Worth Investors (HNWI).

The purpose of HOMCorp & its affiliated companies is to acquire, manage and then sell assets/securities. HOMCorp’s focus is primarily Real Estate however, assets that are distressed or in the process of entering a distressed state are also assessed, especially those which intrinsically allow for maximum returns.

Over the years, HOMCorp & its affiliated companies have expanded Worldwide to include Asset Management, Trust & Corporate Services, Asset Financing, Deposit Taking and Corporate Advisory. With more than five decades of specialist experience the whole Group is a truly comprehensive Wealth Management Group with offices in Zug, Stockholm, Dubai, London and Cork (Ireland) (soon to be Mauritius).

HOMCorp & its affiliated Companies through its innovative and dynamic allocation investment & management strategy, invests or loans mainly in bonds, notes, investment grade and asset-backed securities & mortgage-backed securities, energy, commodities, natural resource, real-estate development project and companies that are undervalued, especially those which represent good prospects for earnings growth.